Product Verification

Elixir-Meds products are manufactured using pharmaceutical grade materials, which ensures our customers get a high quality, sterile product.

Please be extremely wary of any replicas of our products. These poor quality replicas will likely cause infection, abscess and other health complications.


Protect yourself and ensure you have a genuine product by:

- Purchasing your product from our online approved distributors

- Confirm your offline distributor by emailing us (for offline bulk buyers)


Please see below characteristics of genuine Elixir products (also consult product photos for further confirmation):

- Elixir product labels are of a very high quality and thick material, with a silver background on the product name as seen on our product photos

- Elixir products come in a high quality Elixir-Meds box as seen in the product photos

- Elixir product boxes are sealed with an official Elixir hologram (hologram photo can be seen on our news tab)


Below is an example of a replica/fake copy:

- Elixir labels have high quality silver background on the product name, whereas this replica has a clear background behind the product name, therefore clearly a fake copy.

- This replica has all the product description text in bold, whereas official Elixir product labels has some in bold and some not, therefore this is clearly a fake copy.