We are currently using a variation of bottle caps for some of our products. Below is a photo showing 2 official Elixir nandrolone decanoate with the variation of bottle caps.


 We are extremely excited to introduce some fantastic products to our ever expanding range:

- Test Blend


- Winavar

- Clenbuterol 

- T3




Elixir's second collaboration with HygenePharma has been a success, and we have produced a remarkable new product for our range:

IGF-1 Long R3

Please see the 'Other' link on our Products page for a photo.


 We are pleased to announce 4 new, much anticipated products:

- Mesterolone

- Clomifene

- Tamoxifen

- Eros Ultima

Photos and information of the new products can be seen on the 'Other' page of our Products range.



Elixir have collaborated with HygenePharma to create Elixir's official 100iu HGH. This product is manufactured by HygenePharma and verifies as a legitimate product only on the official  website.

We are also pleased to release the much anticipated Trestolone Acetate oral (also known as MENT).
A fantastic addition to our product range!

Product photos to follow.


We are delighted to announce the launch of our very own T5, consisting of a potent, fat burning blend providing you with an ideal supplement for your weight loss goals. 


 Three new products have been added to the Elixir range:

- Methyltrienolone 

- Testosterone Suspension

- Ultra-Burn


We are pleased to announce the trial launch of two products, Fluoxymesterone and Metenolone Enanthate. These exciting, new products have been distributed to our accredited business partners and are now available to order.


The latest batches of the official Elixir oral product line are produced using a new container, as seen in the photo below:


All products are boxed and sealed with an 'Elixir' void hologram, in order to ensure that you are receiving the genuine product.